SumoTorrent started to grow six months ago, which now have 350,000 unique visitors daily. According to Alexa, SumoTorrent is ranked 1,052 currently, which will soon become the top 1000 most visited websites in the world.

Why SumoTorrent grew so fast?

The most important reason why it grew fast is because they are one of the biggest BitTorrent trackers in the world. Their team believed that high growing rate is due to ideas, experience and support from many people.

The growth of SumoTorrent with only limited money. Although they have the earnings from the advertisements on their websites, they have several expenses in order to run this kind of business smoothly. The expenses include servers’ handling fee, service fees from the developers, backup servers and the partners, etc. With the expenses, SumoTorrent could only purchase new servers next month.

However, SumoTorrent believes that the support and donation to other websites, such as IndianMP3, File soup, etc will lead to growth and success of the P2P system.


SumoTorrent is currently running by them. They are looking for help to the projects, like removing fake and spam torrents.

Currently, this system has its own tracker, which can increase traffic. However, most BitTorrent sites are not willing to commit having their own tracker because it might not help them to earn money. With the own tracker from SumoTorrent, they can increase their traffic. However, similar to others, they also worry about the money earning.

Pirate Bay launched the Secure P2P project, which shall significantly improve the performance of BitTorrent. The initiatives to improve the BitTorrent protocol are from the feedbacks from many users in the world. They shall be strong competitors against SumoTorrent. However, it is still willing to contact the project head and provide opinions to them. SumoTorrent also would like other companies to promote the user experience from new projects.

Future predictions

Currently, SumoTorrent has over 2 million peers, which are running on a single server. They planned to launch the second one. Due to limited budget, it still considers to grow by purchasing new servers in the future.

In order to make it even more user friendly, their team members are pleased to integrate more languages to the user interfaces. Such action helps to promote the use of this excellent software and eliminate the inconvenience.

Working with potential content partnerships, SumoTorrent shall invite music groups, filmmakers and artists to put their free copies of production on the website. It can be the advertisement or promotion for the content partnerships, and also help to increase the traffic to the website.

From the above discussion, you shall understand the reason why SumoTorrent has grown so fast with 350,000 unique visitors daily. According to Alexa, SumoTorrent is ranked 1,052 currently, which will soon become the top 1000 most visited websites worldwide. Although they have drawbacks, they have several ongoing projects to sustain their growth in the market.